Car Salvage

The Advantage of Car Salvage

When the car is no longer roadworthy, it is not uncommon for it to sit and deteriorate. Getting rid of an old or damaged car is challenging because most owners don’t know what to do with their cars. We offer wrecking services for free along with a top cash payment for your car.

Car Salvaging to Keep the Environment Green

Dented, dinged, wrecked, scrap, or old; water damage, fire damage, deteriorated, or just old and worn out – regardless, throwing the car into a landfill will create years of hazardous toxins seeping into the environment. On the other hand, when you have a wrecking company like Narangba Wreckers, we will remove the car and dismantle it, salvaging any parts that can be reconditioned and recycle the remainder of the car. In fact, with green ‘Car Recycling’, we can recycle about 80 percent of the car. Metals and steel quickly add up to instant cash.

We provide instant quotes for cars over the phone and online, taking all factors that make your car valuable into consideration:

  • Tyres – Tyres can be recycled or resold as used tyres.
  • Parts – Parts that can be salvaged can be reconditioned and resold. Those parts that can’t be salvaged can’t be recycled.
  • Aluminium – Any aluminium will be recycled for new product use.

Steel Can be Recycled For New Car Use

At “Narangba Wreckers”, we recycle everything right down to the oil in your car! Hazardous fluids and parts that cannot be recycled will be disposed of safely. We buy all makes & conditions of cars, paying our customers up to $9999.

How It Works?

Our car collections are easy to schedule, but first car owners must obtain a cash quote for their car of any condition that they accept.

  1. Call us or fill out our Get a Quote form.
  2. Accept or reject our cash quote.
  3. Schedule a free removal anywhere in Perth.

Get your car sold within 24 hours. Give us a call for a cash quote. We guarantee a quote up to $9999 regardless of the make and condition of your car.

Car owners call Narangba Wreckers at 07 3888 1316 for a quote or complete our Get a Quote form online.